Welcome to our spa and wellness zone


           Relax deep  while watching beautiful nature.

Welcome to our spa and wellness zone. Prepare yourself for deep relaxing and connecting with nature and your inner spirit.

If you want you may jump into the snow right after sauna and smooth yourself in a jacuzzi afterwards.

In our spa you can find something for your body and something for your soul. We will take care of your skin and mind. Try our relaxing and therapeutic massages, energizing scrubs and skin treatments.

Benefits of massages:

1. Calms nerves and promotes deeper and better sleep.

2. Softens and smoothens skin.

3. Improves body circulation

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Phone: +47 (0) 916 12 520

Spa menu


-Hot stone massage
30min.           790nok
60min.           1190nok
(this type of massage involves the use and placement of basalt River rock on different points of the body)

-Aroma massage
60min.            1190nok
(aromatherapy is a massage form that combines the gentle touches of Klasik massage with the use of essential oils)

-Klasik massage
60min.            1190nok
90min.            1890nok
(it is a form of manual therapy that involves strokes using light-to-firm pressure to improve circulation and blood flow, relieve tension, and promote relaxation)

-Deep tissue
60min.             1490nok
(during deep tissue massage, the therapist applies slow, forceful strokes)

-Back and neck massage
30min.             790nok
(this type of massage is focused for relieve tension and promote relaxation on back and neck area, therapist combines strokes from Klasik, Aroma and deep tissue massage)

-Foot reflexology massage
30min.               890nok
50min.               1290nok
(in reflexology, pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the foot, these points correspond to organs and areas of the body)


 -Body peeling and Back massage
 60min.               1390nok
(a full body scrub is performed by oil and mineral salt which removes dead skin cells, tones the whole body and smoothens the skin, body scrub is enriched by Back massage with warm oil)

-Arctic panorama dream
90min.               1890nok
(this type of treatment is developed by therapists at our lodge, includes a full body scrub performed by coconut oil and  grinded Coffee beans mixed with brown sugar, in the meantime is performed face and head massage and Hot stone massage for back side at the end of treatment)

Sothys menu


-Hanakasumi -signature treatment de Sothys
60min.                                 1390nok
(is derived from the Japanese ritual bath ceremony, it involves double exfoliation, with hand with gloves, modeling the Feet and hand body modelling for a rejuvenating and nourishing ritual with an ethereal notes)

-Le Soin excellence Secrets de Sothys
60min. (body ritual )        1590nok
150min. (body+face)       3900nok
(elegantly and stylishly combines the ingredients for the ultimate unique treatment, an unforgettable experience of well-being, 100% hydrated, luminous, plumper skin) 

Massage without scrub 
30min.                               890nok
60min.                              1390nok
90min.                              1890nok

-100% CUSTOMIZED SUGAR AND Salt  de Sothys
Scrub without massage
30min.                              790nok

Scrub with massage
60min.                              1190nok
90min.                              1890nok
120min.                            2390nok
(tonic exfoliation combining sea, salts and sugars, sweet-salty exfoliation for velvety skin, choose your modeling product: Nouri-shing Oil, Soft unctuous cream, Melting wax or Shea butter
-choose duration for massage and/ or scrub. All treatments are adapted to your wishes for scent and texture, as well as the type of massage and scrub)



-Soothing professional treatment
90min.                              1390nok
(discover the ultra-gentle textures of the Soothing professional treatment with Spa ™ Thermal Water and recover comfort and serenity in just 1 cabin treatment**! Your sensitivce skin will thank you for this treatment)

 -Youth intensive treatment P3. TRI-COMPLEX ™
75min.                               1390nok
(through five steps and eight specific formulas, live the experience Sothys youth effectiveness with relaxation massages and expert treatment, for visibly younger skin)

-Hydrating Intensive treatment HYDRA3HA.
75min.                               1390nok
(in a perfect alliance of technical advancement and sensory pleasure, this treatment combines ultra-comfortable textures with high-performance active ingredients to bathe the skin with well-being and provide it with a sensation of absolute hydration)

 -Le Soin excellence Secrets de Sothys
90min.                               2490nok
(a facial treatment in 8 steps combining sensorial make-up removal, ultra-effi-cient peeling, exceptional modeling, high performance masks, ice effect final smoothing, and sublime beauty pampering.


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