Arctic Panorama Lodge

Find silence. Get closer to nature. Connect with yourself.

Find silence. Get closer to nature. Connect with yourself.


Visit Arctic Panorama Lodge for an unparalleled adventure

How to get to the Arctic Panorama Lodge

We offer a pick-up service from Tromsø Airport, Tromsø City, the airfield of Sørkjosen and the Hurtigruten quay in Skjervøy. Arriving in Tromsø, you will be met at the airport and transferred directly to our lodge on the island of Uløya in the eastern part of the Lyngen Fjord.

The journey from Tromsø  takes just over three hours and offers a perfect chance to acclimatise to the Arctic and enjoy some simply stunning scenery.

Our Lodge is located on an island, the island is connected by a passenger and car ferry. This ferry is completely free of charge.

In case the ferry timetable doesn’t fit your arrival time, there is another option, this option is also free of charge.

The Arctic Panorama Lodge has its own secure car park on the mainland, in Ravelseidet. Svein will pick you up with his boat. Just call Svein 1 hour prior to your estimated time of arrival at Ravelseidet.

Jetty at Ravelseidet and Arctic Panorama Lodge’s mainland parking

Transport by our own bus service or private car:

Transfer Tromsø-Arctic Panorama Lodge or vice versa Monday and Friday fixed times and shared – From Tromsø at 15:00 back in Tromsø at. 14:00.         
900 NOK

Private transport with car 1 – 3 pax one way.                                       
6 000 NOK

Private transport with car 4 – 8 pax one way.                                       
8 000 NOK

Transfer Sørkjosen -Arctic Panorama Lodge or vice versa                        
500 NOK

Transfer Skjervøy – Arctic Panorama Lodge or vice versa 1 – 8             
2 000 NOK                                                                        

Helicopter max 5 pax                                                                            
22 000 NOK

VIP Service: ask for price

Get in touch . . . 


Phone: +47 (0) 916 12 520


Travel alternatives from Tromsø

Option 1

Take the E8 from Tromsø, turn left and follow the road 91 to Breivikeidet and take the ferry to Svensby. When you drive off the ferry, turn right and follow the road 91 towards Lyngseidet. Then take the ferry to Olderdalen. Turn left when driving off the ferry and follow the E6 to Rotsund ferry landing (located on the left side of the E6). From here, take the ferry to Uløybukt and drive 3.5 km to the Arctic Panorama Lodge (one road, no turns).

Option 2

Follow the E8 from Tromsø to Nordkjsbotten, bear left and follow the E6 via Oteren, Skiboten and Olderdalen to the ferry landing in Rotsund. Here, take the ferry to Uløybukt and drive 3.5 km to the Arctic Panorama Lodge.

Option 3

If your itinerary allows for it, there is also a small airport closer to the lodge which can cut down on travel time if you take a short internal flight or helicopter ride from Tromsø. The flight from Tromsø to Sørkjosen is just 20 minutes. There is pick-up service at Sørkjosen airfield (15 minutes to Rotsund). We will take the ferry from Rotsund to Uløybukt, which will take another 35 minutes.

Please contact us if you still have questions about how to reach the Arctic Panorama Lodge.